Q: How did you get started as an actor?

Tom: I was working backstage for the traveling Broadway show, “The Will Rogers Follies Tour” and over a period of four months I had 5 different dancers, all at different times come up to me asking if I had ever done any acting or modeling before. At first, I laughed it off, but by the 5 th time, I pretty much got the hint the universe was trying to tell me something. Once the tour was over, I began taking lessons where I lived at the time in Houston, Texas, with Chris Wilson and her partner Jim Jeter. I’ve since studied the craft in such places as New York at The Actors Institute, here in LA with Melissa Skoff and Tom Ardavany, and even as far south as Sydney, Australia, with the Dean of the Acting program, Tony Knight, at the famed National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), where OSCAR winners Cate Blanchett and Mel Gibson went to school.

Q: What has been your best moment so far as an actor?

Tom: I’d have to choose my role as “John, The Drifter”, in Director Adam Montoya’s short film, “The End”. I played the only character in the film – wandering from town to town in a world that’s been plagued by disease. For those that saw it, many mentioned they enjoyed how the strong subtext of the role really drove the story and were surprised at how much of an emotional attachment they had to the character by the end of the film.

Q: What roles are you best playing?

Tom: I’m best at playing men who are determined and driven. Military characters come to mind. Especially, WWII era soldier or sailor characters. “Band of Brothers”; “Saving Private Ryan”, are projects I would have done well with.

Q: What is your background?

Tom: I’ve had 15 leading and 7 supporting roles in various television, feature, short and festival-length films and industrial projects. I’ve played two leading and 4 supporting roles in theatre plays. I’ve been an on-air personality for a national cable channel and a year ago last November, I was featured in my first national commercial.

Currently, I’m being featured all around the United States in all sorts of markets appearing on the 30 minute, “Nutri Bullet” infomercial. In June, I have a co-starring role (aka, “Dr. Matthews”) that will air on the new Discovery Health channel show, “Broken Minds" - ("A Forgotten Life" episode). More importantly, premiering on June 7th in Los Angeles, I play the lead role of “Riley”, in the Steampunk feature film, “Young Gentlemen Explorers”. Finally, I speak Russian, which recently helped book me for a lead role on Spike TV’s third season of, “1000 Ways to Die”.

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