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.. May 14, 2013

Beginning tomorrow, for the next month, I'll be featured in Breakdown Services, Talent Link.

.. August 13 , 2012
"Gentlemen Explorers", the feature film I played the lead character of "Riley" in, officially debuts at the Phoenix Comic-Con, May 25th. Director Matt Snead, fellow actor Darren Kendrick and I will be present to sit in on a panel discussion regarding the film directly after it's debut!
.. April 29, 2013
Tomorrow is our UCB Improv Class graduation show!  The classes have been so much fun!
.. April 14, 2013
Tomorrow, I begin a 2-week intensive Improv class at UCB.  I'm looking forward to it!
.. March 20, 2013
Just booked a political commercial to be run online.  It's regarding the Massachusett's senate race and it's called, "Steve Lynch for Big Oil".
.. March 13, 2013
Just booked an infomercial for, "ScalpMed".
.. February 12 , 2013
Wow.  Just ran into the director of the Fidelity Life Insurance spot I did a few months ago at LAX.  With a big smile, he said the spot has been one of the most successful the insurance company has ever done!
.. January 30, 2013
Just got a third and final callback notice for a LMU student film.  Hopefully, I'll be playing a sailor in the water from the USS Indianapolis very soon.
.. October 15, 2012
I was just called by the director of the salesman movie, "Sharp", I auditioned for.  Although I was not booked for the role I auditioned for, the director liked my performance so much he is writing in a small scene for me.  We shoot on Nov. 7th.
.. September 20, 2012
This is too funny.  I have an audition on Saturday to play a rich, arrogant salesman.  He's the owner of a company that sells knives.  I used to sell Cutco knives back when I was in college, lol!
.. September 8 , 2012                    
My new national commercial for Fidelity Life has been seen running on CNN and ION Television.  It's kind of fun when family members call you saying they just saw you on TV.  Also, I just received an email from the director of the spot, Jeff Wishengrad, stating, "Tom, the agency and the client are 'thru the roof' happy!  Thanks for your great work on the spot."  Nice... Here is a direct link to view it:
.. August 24, 2012                    
Today's shooting day for the Fidelity Life spot!  Just me, 7 extras and a crew of 44!
.. August 18, 2012                    
YES!  Oh, big news!  I j ust booked a national commercial for Fidelity Life Insurance.  As the lead!  Hoorah!
.. August 13 , 2012                    
Just put "on avail" for a politital commercial!  This will be a fun spot if I get it because they want someone who can do a realistic Texas accent.  I was raised in Houston!  I better be able to do a good Texas accent!
.. July 26 , 2012                    
Hoorah!  Booked the lead for a paid short film to be shot in October.  I'll be playing a 1920's Chicago mobster loosely based on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.
.. May 13 , 2012                    
This is kind of nice.  I'm going to be "featured" as one of the three main page actors on the website,  Karmalicity is a website designed to assist actors gain exposure by soliciting views on IMDB by other actors.  These views, in turn, help keep an actor's IMDB score high and mitigates the wild fluctuations that can occur from week to week.  My score will fly high after this week, that's for sure!
.. February 25, 2012                    
The new NutriBullet info-commercial I played a role in is now airing all over the country.  Look for me as the "Dad" in the grey polo.
.. January 19 , 2012                    
Just booked an under five role as "Dr. Matthews" on a new Discovery Health Channel series called, "Broken Minds".  The episode is called, "Alien Hand" and is about a gentleman who suffers a head injury.  This unfortunate experience leaves him with absolutely no control over what his left hand does!  I play the man's doctor in the hospital.
.. January 26 , 2012
I "crushed" an audition last night for an AFI student film project. An emotional scene audition that included tears of sorrow.  Made the girl reading with me cry.  Even the director said, "Whoa. That was deep," lol. Would love the role, but if it doesn't come to be, I'm still very proud of myself for what I was able to accomplish.
.. January 21 , 2012
Playing the roll of a speak-easy owner for a short film project this evening.  We're shooting in downtown LA at a pub that's over 100 years old.  Fun!
.. January 21 , 2012
Hoorah!  Booked another gig!  This time, a commercial print project 1st week in February for a photographer that's doing a coffee table book.  The story of the book will be about a 1920's couple about to be married when they're rudely interrupted by a robot and it's gang of goons.  Ha!  All photos in black and white and the photographer is amazing.  Just got a follow-up call and I've been promoted; going from one of the goons to the actual groom!  Which basically means, instead of one day of shooting, now I'm booked for three!
.. January 19 , 2012
Infomercial shoot day!  Remember "The Magic Bullet"?  The little black blender gizmo?  Well, it's been upgraded and is now called, "The Nutri-Bullet".  I play the roll of the "Dad" of the family that's in the kitchen making wonderful yummy items to drink!
.. January 12, 2012
Oh!  What a great way to start the new year!  I booked an infomerical!
.. January 1, 2012        
Happy New Year!  New years always bring out the best intentions.  My New Year's Intention: "2012 - The greatest year financially, physically, romantically and spiritually I've ever had!"
.. December 25, 2011        
Merry Christmas, everybody!
.. December 1, 2011                    
Beginning a 3 week course with Talent Manager, Mitch Clem, tonight!  (Which includes special guest, Casting Director Mark Sikes)!
.. November 3, 2011                    
Booked a commercial print job for FORD!
.. October 19, 2011                    
Just finished a 4 week comedy course with Casting Director, Nick Anderson and received an invitation to enter into his advanced class.
.. October 18, 2011
Wow.  Some nice comments from the Casting Director of the feature I auditioned for:  * Rich A. (Casting Director) An impressive different take of the character, did not use a more obvious path in this role, and brought another dimension to the character. Good timing, very good take.

.. September 23, 2011

Standard Issue TV's webisode series, "Young Gentlemen Explorers", is now wrapped!  After 7 weeks and 9 days of shooting!  Join me on Facebook to see lots of production stills.
.. August 8, 2011
Standard Issue TV's webisode series, "Young Gentlemen Explorers", begins shooting today.  I play the Steampunk lead character, "Riley".
.. June 25, 2011
Played a Search and Rescue team member for famous Rock and Roll photographer, Deborah Chesher's short film production entitled, "End of the Innocents", this weekend.  Deborah's work may be seen here:
.. May 13, 2011
Live and in color!  My new acting website: - is now up and running!
.. May 11, 2011
Yeehaa!  I am now officially SAG-eligible.  The paperwork from the pilot I did on March 31st finally went through!
.. May 08, 2011
Flappers Comedy Club film screening of, "The Poet" and other short comedy films.  I starred as "Walter T. Elliott" in this San Diego State University production and of the 12 films screened this evening, "The Poet" was voted as one of the top three entries.  The short now becomes one of the top 12 finalists to be judged on Sunday, September 11th.  The overall winner will be given a free pass into the Burbank International Film Festival that begins on September 15th, 2011.
.. May 06, 2011
My latest demo reel is uploaded to YouTube!
.. April 17, 2011
My IMDB stats jump 93% (up to 323K from 1.1M) with additions of past acting work to the website.
.. April 10, 2011
"Well Done", a 22 minute feature in which I played the main supporting, antagonist role of, "Jeff Bainbridge", is viewed at the Fallbrook International Film Festival.
.. March 31, 2011
Shoot date for, "The Last Resort".  I play the "Mormon Father" in this hilarious pilot about a defunct time-share company.  I earned a Taft-Hartley for this role!
.. March 14 , 2011
Tom Gurnee makes committment to star in the lead role of, "Riley", in Standard Issue TV's webisode series, "Young Gentlemen Explorers", due to start shooting in June, 2011.
.. February 24, 2011
Call back for Sit-n-Sleep Commercial!
.. February 9, 2011
Call back for a Russian Telecom Commercial to be shot in Moscow, Russia!
.. January 11, 2011
Standard Issue TV's releases it's first feature film, "Kingbreaker", starring Walter Ruskin.  I play the featured role of, "Frank, the Bomber".
.. December 29, 2010
"1000 Ways to Die": Dying to Tell the Story (End Game) airs on Spike TV.  This is my leading man debut for a television role.
.. August 31, 2011
"1000 Ways to Die": Dying to Tell the Story (End Game) shoot today!  I play the lead role (and doomed character) of, "Russian Chessmaster Nikolai".  All of my dialog was ad-lib and all in RUSSIAN!  See my 70's style get-up, massive sideburns and other photos here:
.. May 1, 2010
May 1, 2010.  Gone Hollywood!


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